Sharing happiness 🙂

Strongly recomending him and he’s the right professional to approch you to become positive
Vipin Thomas
Actually a family friend in need. Of course I appreciate his tolerance in hearing everything and his positive contribution to over come the issue
Muralee Mohanan NV
iam extremely happy to say about devapramod sir… he is very patient in listening, really professional man. he helped me a lot during my dark times. Iam indebted for helping me out from my issues. I strongly recommend his service…
Dr Prasad Sree
Excellent psychologist in all means, Emotional well being is just as important to us as breathing is… Heartfelt thank you sir for your positive contribution in our life…..,
Priya Vivek
A wonderful experience. A very patient listener and highly sincere to making patients feel better. Provides solutions which work and handles all patients with care.
Annie Anthony
Definitely worth recommending. One of the best in town. He is very easy to talk and address the problems that needs to be addressed. I felt,he is very practical and gives you practical solutions rather than wasting time going back and forth digging it. I find that very useful.
remya kp
Excellent psychologist. The anxiety and hyper active problems of my friend’s son has been effectively cured.
Worth recommending
suhail T A
With dr.devapramod’s help I recovered from my issues. He have in depth knowledge about to handle the psychological issues.He make me aware of whats is happening inside me…
Thank you for your guidance and advises.
Visal R
very professional…. very much happy while referring cases… trusted person…
Dr Thomas Alex
Very friendly and cooperative approach , worth recommending 🙂
Ajitha Cb
The best psychologist, Now iam enjoying my life without anxiety. Thank you sir
drisya gopalakrishnan
Very understanding person. Took the time to listen and understand the situation. Great help sir…
Jyothi Menon
Professional & quality service ..most recommended…
Vinod Abraham LetsTalk SRR
Thank you … Our child is better now…
Aysha Rahman
Quality mental health service…. Trustfull person…
Sivadas Sivadas
Excellent psychologist
Thank you … Our child is better now…
Aysha Rahman
I had consulted dr devapramod sir to resolve some of my family issues… We were at the edge of separation.. But he helped a lot… Now we learned to accept each other…. I can strongly recommend him…
Ravi Menon
Good psychotherapy sessions… Helped pe a lot in managing my anxiety and anxiety episodes…
Rafeek Mohd
Most recommended psychologist.. very friendly…
Jayakumar Mangat
He was very soft and listened to all my issues. He was able to help me to heal my relationship issues. I am in a better now and getting better with my therapy sessions. I would recommend devapramod sir to everyone who needs to sort out things and to warm relationships. He always help with practical and possible solutions.
praveen MD Joshi
Best place to recommend, if you need the best and if you are serious about your issues..
Sabi Sharaf
Sincerely appreciate your help, patience to listen and friendly treat. Highly recommended to all
feba abraham
An experienced psychologist who can assess your situation in a systematic manner and walk you through the process of recovery…
Personally, I was having anxiety issues over a bad break-up and uncertainties regarding the future. He was very clear in explaining the changes I can make in my life to handle things better. Instead of just giving the solution to you, he points you towards the right direction so that you know what to do if something similar happened to you in the future (kind of like teaching you how to drive instead of dropping you off where you want to go)……P.S: Do understand that mental health issues require time to understand and heal so it is better to trust the process and have follow up sessions until you feel better. Do not expect to magically fix all the issues with one session, give the issues time to heal.